Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring and all

Spring has been beautiful for biking to say the least.  No all.  Fortunately, here on the coastside, things are still pretty green, but inland in California, the green is already giving way to brown.  The golden hills of California are on their way.  Seems like this summer, my ride east is going to be hot and dry.
  Birding has been good, though not outstanding lately.  Mostly it's been a lot of expected species adding to the total.  A couple of GRASSHOPPER SPARROWS have been nice birds to find on Bean Hollow Road. Savannah Sparrow sounds a bit like Grasshoppers, but tonight I was fortunate enough to hear both species singing in the same general area.   I got a decent look at the Grasshopper, but I have yet to get a really fully satisfying look at one after several years of detecting them.
  Lower Gazos Creek has been nice birding lately.  MACGILLIVRAY'S WARBLERS have stretched out along the riparian.  The hybrid ROSE-BREASTED/BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAK is back in the same spot along Gazos it has been for the past three years.  Al Eisner and I found that bird several years back, but without getting a great look, called it a Rose-Breasted.  Another lesson in being more careful in IDing.  Seems I'll never learn (i.e. that Baltimore Oriole still stings)
  I'm still waiting for a few spring birds to come into the Pescadero area.  It sure would be nice to get something unexpected too, but that's just going to take time I suppose.
  More soon I hope.

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