Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May review.

While May can be a great time for finding birds, I focused a lot this month on finishing up the school year, planting a summer garden, selling my old volvo, and planning my big summer bike tour.  I got some nice birding in certainly, but didn't find too many of my own new birds.  I chased a few good ones though...
  BANK SWALLOWS at Ano Nuevo show up every year.  It's just a matter of getting down there.  Finding them isn't too hard since they nest in the bluffs above the beach.
  A ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK was found by Ron Thorn just off Stage Rd. on Pomponio Creek Rd.  It was easy to refind the bird fortunately.  These birds were certainly not a given for the year.
  An INDIGO BUNTING on Cloverdale Rd. was a great bird.  Some visitors from Ohio found it and fortunately they ran into George Chrisman a few minutes later who posted about the bird.  I got a few photos.  Maybe I can get them up soon.
  That same day 5/26, I went to Pigeon Point and saw both SOOTY and PINK-FOOTED SHEARWATERS.  Finally!!!  My first of the year for Pink-footed.
  The nemesis bird continues...  David Suddjian emailed me after he found a Baltimore Oriole less than a half mile from the house.  When I got the email a few hours later and rushed out.  The bird was gone.  Thanks for the heads up David, but this bird once again alludes me.


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