Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tahoe to Bridgeport

Well friends, I got my revenge.  In 2011, I did another bike tour in which I came up from Bridgeport and rode up Monitor Pass in a day that was hellish, brutal, but absolutely beautiful.  I had such a difficult time with that climb that I had a hard time appreciating how beautiful Alpine County really is.  Fortunately, just a few days ago, I camped near Markleeville (near the base of Monitor), and made it up without too much trouble.  It was beautiful up there too.  I got my sweet revenge on the other side of the pass, where I let myself have a bit of fun going down. 43mph of fun!  Kind of stupid, but I had to do it.  Don't worry Mom I make it a habit of going much slower down mountains usually.  This was a special situation.

  The past couple of days, I've hung out around the Bridgeport area, mostly just recovering from some hard riding. Once I made it down Monitor, I had a pretty strong headwind.  It got me down for about an hour, but I eventually snapped out of it.  Ah, the journey!
  Birding has been really nice here lately.  I camped out in the Pinyon Pine/Juniper last night.  This morning I started the day with a PRAIRIE FALCON flying right by camp at about 6:30 this morning.  Actually, I really started the day with a PLUMBEOUS VIREO singing outside of my tent (Thanks Peter!).  I took some time this morning to look and listen to the difference between them and Cassin's Vireos.  Plumbeous song seems to be a bit more slurred.  At least that was just my impression this morning.
  At last I found a JUNIPER TITMOUSE.  I tried to find one in 2011, but missed them.  This morning I finally found a small group of them.  I had been searching for them up the hill above my campsite until I realized that I was getting into more Pinyon and less Juniper.  I decided to go lower, and found more Junipers, and that's where those buggers were.
  One more cool find this morning was a BLUE-GRAY GNATCATCHER nest.  Very nice morning.
  Well, I'm off to Lundy Canyon this afternoon, then Mono Lake for a couple of days after that.

More when I can...

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  1. This is the only way I have to reach you so I hope this is appropriate here... In thinking about things we chatted about at the field campus and this great adventure that you are up to, I kept thinking about this kid Andrew who walked across the country "listening". Here is his blog. I passed by him one day while he was walking and I was driving in the Sierra. Made me stop and think. You rock. Have fun! http://walkingtolisten.com/