Saturday, June 15, 2013

Through the Central Valley

Riding through Del Puerto Canyon was amazing.  Not only were all the birds great, but I got to ride downhill for miles.  When I reached the Central Valley, things got a bit more challenging.  Not only did I drop out of the mountains and into a heat wave, but there was also a headwind.  The first day through the valley, the temperature was around 98 F with a 15-20mph headwind.  The next day 98F and 10-15mph.  Finally, it cooled off the third day at 95F.  Yikes.  By the time I got to Grass Valley in the foothills, I was happy I was going to be gaining elevation and travelling east instead of north into the wind.
  The birding was minimal in through the Valley.  I did see two SWAINSON'S HAWKS somewhere along the San Joaquin River south of Manteca.  The only other bird I added to the list were some HORNED LARK through some of the agricultural fields in Lathrop.
  As I mentioned already, I've been in the mountains for more than a week.  There have been lots of great birds.  Details to come...

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